About Us


My name is Facundo, I am from Argentina and I have been living in Taupo for the past 6 years, along with my wife and young daughter; proud to now be FIRE´s owner and operator.

I am passionate about BBQs (Asado, in Argentina), about fire and social meetings. There is nothing better than watching the fire going, smelling the smoke, and sharing a drink with your family or friends. Every time I’ve invited a Kiwi to my place for a BBQ, they’ve all agreed that it was an awesome experience! That’s why I’ve created FIRE, because I know you are going to like it, and I love that.

Since we arrived to this amazing country, I’ve always worked in Hospitality, and I spent most my time working in different kitchens. I have now lost track of how many people I’ve fed! After a bunch of amazing experiences there is one thing that I can assure you: never have I ever sent out a dish I was not proud of. I love cooking, I love watching people’s faces when they receive what I’ve cooked for them, and that satisfaction smile makes everything worth it.

As part of my kitchen experience, for a few years I was in charge of the Food Control Plan for some local businesses, adhering to Health and Safety regulations. This has provided me with the required confidence to set up my own food business, knowing that I will be serving my clients to the highest standards. FIRE is an approved business, so you are in safe hands.

If you’ve made it this far, the only thing left is to thank you for your time and invite you to contact us! That’s the first step to lit a good FIRE.



(and team)