FIRE was created by combining our passions: meat, fire and meetings. We have our own equipment and mobile BBQs ready to bring along to your event or celebration, so we can share our passion with you in a very unique and dynamic way: We bring the fire, we bring the meat and we cook it while you and your guests enjoy and relax.

We cater for groups of friends, families, or small celebrations; any excuse is good for a FIRE! No event is too little for us.

We design and create each menu for every event, which is why every proposal will be 100% tailored for you.

People like meeting, sharing and enjoying. Imagine your place, a nice fire, your friends around it, and our Fire Master cooking for you to entertain. You are always welcome to come a little bit closer to the FIRE and chat to our Fire Master. Good company is one of the main ingredients for a great BBQ.